SUPER TEAM INTERNATIONAL ’88 #6 is live on Kickstarter!

FUNDING NOW ON KICKSTARTER: We have finally reached the end… of the beginning! Well, our fabulous readers, we have made it to the end! I’ll admit, when Samantha, Sebastian, Carlos, and I sat down and created this story–ZOMG, five years ago–we had no idea of the support we’d find in the comics community for our … More SUPER TEAM INTERNATIONAL ’88 #6 is live on Kickstarter!


FUNDING NOW ON KICKSTARTER: As a famous villain once said, “You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.” And issue #5 of our epic does just that: The Super American has defected to the enemy! Believing that his plan is a success and SUPER TEAM INTERNATIONAL … More SUPER TEAM INTERNATIONAL ’88 #5


Until recently, fantasy has always had an uphill climb in America. Such stalwarts of children’s literature like L. Frank Baum and Lewis Carroll were relegated to cobweb infested corners of libraries, surrounded by adult sentries more concerned with the possible, practical, and real, and not so much the fantastic and imaginative. Ultimately, such gatekeeping was … More READING THE BOOK OF DRAGONS AGAIN