Cover to Super Team International ’88 #3

$3.99 – Regular Cover

With Gamma Rei Burst out of the picture, The King of All Evil Dragons sends Deep Trench and Bleeding Fist to knock the next leg out from under the stool that forms the backbone of SUPER TEAM INTERNATIONAL’s strength: Coppe Pharma! While the heroes fend off this all out assault, Rollerblade confronts Aunty Arctica in family therapy!

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Born and bred in rural Alabama, the earliest known photo of Scott O. Brown is at age two, reading the Sunday comics on the back of a pick-up truck. It wasn’t long before he discovered comic books proper and embarked on a career creating and helping others create comics and graphic novels. Winner of the Harvey and Independent Publisher awards, Scott is a veritable Man of ComicsTM, and has been writing, lettering, and producing comics for the industry since 1999!


Born in Buenos Aires four decades ago, Carlos’ life was changed forever the day he picked up The Flash volume 2, #3, for the first time. That’s when he knew he’d be a comic artist for the rest of his life. Carlos has collaborated on short stories for anthologies in Argentina and around the world, and in 2017, he won a national prize as writer for the graphic novel “Tupac”. Carlos works as a storyboard artist for advertising agencies and film producers, but the comics were, are, and always will be his greatest passion!


Twins and burgeoning creative powerhouses in their own right, Sebastian and Samantha Brown started with single page photocopies that they sold for a quarter at the Small Press Expo. They created many of the characters in STI ’88 and co-wrote the plot. This is their first comic book series.

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