Thank you one and all for another successful issue!

From our tribute to the cover of Doom Patrol 107 to the craziness of our Batman/Iron Man analogue Mr. Sleep as he faces down a on old school supervillain team up, issue #2 has something for everyone who misses the good old days of comics. We pepper some fun references in this issue, and all in all, have a blast showing our heroes fumble around in their attempt to become a team in the face of the threat V.I.L.E. presents.

Having been raised on 70’s weird DC heroes, the cover to issue 107 of Doom Patrol has always been one of my favorites of the original run (and frankly one of my all-time favorite comic book covers in general), and I wanted to pay tribute to it. Carlos enthusiastically created our own version for this issue of SUPER TEAM INTERNATIONAL ’88, even though yes, it’s more of a Silver Age book than the Bronze/Modern Age tone we’re going for. We make up for it on the inside! 

In case you missed it, we had write ups on Bleeding Cool and Tuesday Backers this week, along with a great review of issue #1 from the gang at World Comic Book Review!

We are wrapping up lettering and a few production details before we go to press this week! If you missed the Kickstarter, it will be available digitally in the Kindle Store, on Graphite, and eventually ComiXology. And of course, we will have standard and sketch covers available on the site in print!

We sold some ad space after the Kickstarter wrapped, but we still have the inside front cover available. Contact for pricing and details. There is even more good news about the STI’88 media empire coming down the pipe, and we’ll make sure you are the first to know!

Thanks again! We can’t do it without you!

And watch this space for news on issue #3!

BroncoInk Comics and the STI ’88 Team

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